About Me

I am pursuing an MSE in Computer Graphics and Game Technology and a BSE in in Digital Media Design from the University of Pennsylvania, with minors in Fine Arts and Mathematics. I am currently looking for Summer 2019 software internships.

I’m interested in 3D computer graphics, including graphics software development, animation, rendering, virtual reality, game engines, and game design. I’m always looking to learn something new about graphics!

I currently work with the Penn Library Digital Scholarship Team to build VR/AR applications for visualizing archaeological excavation sites and artifacts, with the goal of making them more accessible to students, other researchers, and interested public alike.

This past summer, I interned at STRIVR, a startup in the Bay Area, where I helped program VR software for immersive workplace communications training.

In my free time, I draw, watch movies, read books, and analyze the media I consume. I’m also an avid K-pop fan.

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